DATE:      November 16th, 2019                

TIME:       9:30 AM

PLACE:    Privateer South, 1000 Longboat Club Road

               (Enter thru South Gate of Islandside at Traffic Light)   




                     1.          Call to Order by the President


                2.          Introduction of Guests


                3.          Remarks by Host Condominium


                4.          Approval of the Minutes of the October 19th Meeting


                5.          Treasurer’s Report


                6.          Secretary’s Report


                7.          Other Business & Announcements if any

                                   A:  Items from the November 12th Board Meeting


                8.          Program :  “Waterproofing, Sealing and Painting--What You Need to Know."

                                                  Speaker:  Nick Dunning, Karins Engineering Group

                                                  Sarasota Restoration Branch Manager


                9.        Next Meeting: December 14th, 2019               


               10.        Adjournment