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          DATE:      April 15th, 2017                

          TIME:       9:30 AM

          PLACE:    Beach Harbor Club, 3800 Gulf of Mexico Drive


                1.          Call to Order by the President

                2.          Introduction of Guests

                3.          Remarks by Host Condominium

                4.          Approval of the Minutes of the March 18th Meeting

                5.          Treasurer's Report

                6.          Secretary's Report

                7.          Other Business & Announcements if any

                                  A. Items from the April 11th Board Meeting

                                            I.  Annual LBK Goals and Objectives


                8.          Program: Florida Legislative Updates. 

                             Speaker:  Robert A. Hoonhout, Esq., of the Law Firm of Barnes,

                                                                 Walker, Goethe, Hoonhout, Perron &Shea                    


                9.           Next Meeting: October 21st, 2017  

              10.          Adjournment